PhD Dissertation

As many of my lab mates are graduating, I decided to share my files here with them.

Since all of my papers were written using MS Word, I wrote my dissertation with MS Word as well. I had to learn some tricks to do the required formatting. To save your time, I am sharing my source file so you can use them for formatting*.

Dissertation in PDF

Dissertation in DOCX*

Dissertation Presentation in PPT

Here are some comments about the final things that needs to be done:

  • Prepare a co-author letter and collect signature from all co-authors. The sample letter is in the formatting booklet. Take it to the exam and collect the signatures. It makes life much easier.
  • The main content of dissertation is you papers. But you need to add introduction section and conclusion sections. The conclusions should have some future works as well.
  • Use animations in your presentation. Specially for describing the algorithms. It really helped me to improve my presentation (slides 48-65). You can also look at my qualifying exam slides for another example of animations for algorithms (slides 19-24, slides 25-29, and slides 31 and 32).
  • Use some graphical slides for overview of dissertation in the beginning of the presentation.
  • Re-use that overview slide when transitioning from chapter to chapter and emphasize on the new subject. You can see how I did it in my dissertation slides.
  • You don't need to repeat your whole research in the final exam. The whole presentation should be 45-50 minutes. About 10-15 minutes should be the summary of what you did up to your qualifying exam and the rest should be what you did after your qualifying exam!

Good luck 🙂


*The source file can only be used as formatting guide, any other uses such as copying or reformatting for printing is prohibited.

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PhD : Permanent Head Damage

The first time I learned about PhD, I was about 8-9 years old. I had no idea about English Language and asked some one, who I thought has a PhD, about its meaning. He told me it means "permanent head damage". Well, I thought he is not taking me serious and is just making fun of my curiosity as a kid!

Years passed and I learned he was not able to finish his PhD. Now that I am in this path my self, I can see how hard it can be. I give people the right to leave it and get back to their life. Because if PhD is not a pile of [shit] higher and deeper, it definitely brings you a permanent head damage.